Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire you?

We've successfully achieved exactly what you're trying to do! After deciding to become permanent expats in Belize, we found our perfect property, designed our dream home, and worked with great builders and development vendors to make our dreams a reality!

As American expats who are happily living in Belize, we can offer hints, local knowledge, and the connections we've developed in our time here.

¡Me Gusta! aggregates listings from real estate companies around the country, as well as extensive local contacts to gather off-market (not MLS listed) properties, most of which never see the light of day. This gives you a more complete understanding of what's available and what fair market values should be given your budget, choice of locations, and time of purchase.

¡Me Gusta! can provide alternatives that companies or individual agents often won't consider because of the competitive nature of the industry.

One of the complexities of moving to Belize is finding the ideal vendors to work with. Internet listings, websites, and vendor recommendation sites are in their infancy here, so personal knowledge is priceless.

We're able to better serve clients' specific interests because we cast a much wider net without being tied to any one entity. As you manage your life and obligations at home, ¡Me Gusta! serves as your local eyes and ears to help get you the best property for the best price, and all according to your specific goals and criteria.

What are your qualifications?

With owners experienced in project management, venue design and construction, real estate and property photography, and luxury hospitality, ¡Me Gusta! has plenty to offer beyond personal experience and an extensive network of Belizean contacts.

Our prior experience working at every level of the production entertainment and hospitality design industries means that we know to ask the correct questions at the right time, establish workable project timelines, and hold every step of the process to rigorous standards of success. A proactive approach effectively sidesteps potential issues and roadblocks before they happen, so you can navigate the property development process with minimal stress.

Simply put, ¡Me Gusta! offers a one-stop shop of construction, landscaping, and development expertise coupled with a complete understanding of American expectations regarding customer service and finish quality.

How much is your fee?

Each of our clients requires a unique approach to purchasing and relocation based on complexity, timing, budget, must-haves, and location. The fee for services is always customized to the individual client and their circumstances; building a cottage in the jungle is totally different than opening a resort on 50 acres, or buying an island.

This individualized approach ensures you only pay for the services you need and keeps our services as affordable as possible.

Unlike real estate agents, ¡Me Gusta! won't take any commission on your property purchase, which lets us negotiate on your behalf in complete confidence and transparency.

How do I stay in Belize?

When Americans enter Belize, they're usually given a 30-day tourist visa. It is not difficult to reside in Belize long term by extending your tourist visa, particularly as a property owner or business person, though visa extension does require regular trips to the immigration office to pay for and receive your passport stamp.

Once you've been in the country for a year and hit certain financial benchmarks, you can apply for residency. There are many expats who have lived in Belize for several years just extending their tourist visas.

There are a few other immigration programs available that we can help you work towards if you want to be a year-round resident.

How does relocation work?

Relocation will look different for everyone’s individual circumstances and budget, but in general if you are ready to move and have secured housing, it's as simple as booking your flights, and organizing your essential personal items. As your proverbial boots on the ground, ¡Me Gusta! advises you on your rental options if you aren't moving directly into a purchased property. ¡Me Gusta! also helps you navigate extending visas with the immigration department and anything else that may pop up along the way.

How does buying real estate work?

In some cases we'll work with a realtor and the process will be very much like in America, with Letters of Intent, a negotiation process, deposits, and attorneys. In other cases you might purchase directly from a property owner, which still involves attorneys for due diligence and accuracy, but is often a more informal process that we'll navigate together.

In all cases ¡Me Gusta! connects you with the professionals, vendors, and services you need to make the process comfortable and transparent. Belize is absolutely a buyers market if you know where to look!

Can you help sell property in Belize?

If you're interested in selling, ¡Me Gusta! is always happy to add your land or house to our selection of available properties, and include it whenever it matches with our clients.

We're happy to introduce you to any of several qualified and highly reputable agents throughout Belize if you prefer a traditional listing, and of course ¡Me Gusta! will offer your property to our clients whenever it is appropriate.