Turnkey and Tropical

Property Search and Acquisition

After our initial consultation, we will assemble a collection of property leads that suit your priorities and ambitions for your Belizean experience. We vet both local real estate listings and unlisted properties through our network of independent property owners to ensure you find your perfect property.

We serve as your boots on the ground to ensure the viability of your favorite properties, then coordinate your travel once you arrive in Belize so you can easily visit the most promising properties yourself. ¡Me Gusta! handles all the logistics so you can relax, enjoy touring Belize, and maximize your time here.

When you're ready to move forward, ¡Me Gusta! assists with the entire purchase process by providing introductions to experienced attorneys, real estate agents, banks, escrow services, insurance providers, and any other vendors your dream property purchase requires.

¡Me Gusta! never accepts a commission on your property purchase and will always help you get the best price as a result.

Development and Construction Management

With a background in technical direction, production management, and large-format project planning, the ¡Me Gusta! team leverages a wide range of skills to facilitate a smooth property development plan.

We've sourced the best artisans the local Belizean community offers. These capable and talented builders, designers, architects, craftsmen, and tradesmen will make your dreams for your Belizean property a reality before you know it.

Whether you fantasize about a palatial oceanside estate with fruit orchards and an infinity pool, or a simple cabin for quiet meditation in the jungle, ¡Me Gusta! eliminates the mystery and complexity of building in a foreign country so you can enjoy your own personal paradise.

Property Maintenance and Staffing

¡Me Gusta! assists property owners with all maintenance and staffing needs, from housekeeping, yard work, and small construction projects, to repairs, pest control, and just about anything else you might need. We can even make sure your fridge is stocked in preparation for your arrival.

We only work with reputable and honest staff to ensure our standards of quality are excellent, and our services are completed in a timely fashion at a fair rate.